Help us save Sir Ed's Antarctic hut! 

Photo: P Reid

Photo: P Reid

Nestled alongside Scott Base, is Hillary's Hut - a small building that's played a big role in New Zealand's history.

 Hillary's Hut, also known as Hut A or the Trans-Antarctic Expedition (TAE) Hut, was the first building constructed at Scott Base. It was built by a team led by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1957 and it was from here that Sir Ed later led an historic expedition to the South Pole. In fact, the Hut was Hillary's home as he wintered over on the Ice in 1957.

Sadly, the Hillary's Hut now has a leaking roof, asbestos that needs removing, melt pools under the floor boards and the memorabilia within it is showing signs of damage and corrosion. 

But it can be saved.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust has a Conservation Plan to save the hut and its artefacts and preserve them for the next 25 years.

We have just completed a major fundraising drive, Expedition South, to help raise $1 million to put the plan into action. Our intrepid team drove tractors (like Sir Ed did to the South Pole) from Piha to Aoraki Mt Cook, sharing the story of Sir Ed in Antarctica and collecting donations along the way.

We're three quarters of the way there, but we need your help to save this piece of Kiwi history.